Fort Casey State Park

Dark, cold, intriguing, a tad creepy.

These are just a few words to describe the historical preservation that is Fort Casey.  Continue reading “Fort Casey State Park”

Vlogtober is Here!

Hello, all you wonderful people.

Happy October! I still can’t believe that October is upon us, where the hell has this year gone, I have no idea. Nonetheless, I’m still so excited because fall  is officially upon us! So many things are approaching this holiday season and I could not be more thrilled.

For starters, I’ve started Vlogtober! This is super exciting for me because, I’ve always wanted to do vlogtober obviously because I love fall. But I also tried last year, and in my mind, it sort of fizzled out. But this year, I have so many exciting things happening like I said that I feel like it will be more fun if I vlog it all. I think it’s sort of a motivational thing for me as well. Vlogging Everyday and uploading videos is a LOT of hard work. But I think that’s just what I need; it’s going to push my limits as a vlogger and really test to see all that I am capable of as far as creating and uploading content as much as I can.

So without further ado, I present to you my first day of vlogtober! Click the link below to watch and subscribe for more videos.

iamfashioncoco Vlogtober Day 1


Love ya,


Heybrook Lookout & Eagle Falls : Chlolani Vlog


Hello everyone!

So this weekend, my boyfriend Kolani and I explored the great outdoors and hiked Heybrook Lookout, and even saw Eagle Falls!

Here’s the link to the vlog:

Anywho, I thought I would post on here and give a quick little review about our experience. First of all, one of the best parts about the hike was the fact that we had gotten there so early. We arrived at 9:30 am, and overall, (with rest breaks included) the hike took us an hour to complete. Since we had gotten there so early on a Saturday morning, we only passed two couples the entire hike. The beginning is a little steep, so be ready for that, but the hike is smooth with hardly and jagged rocks up until the end right before the look out.

Once you get to the top of the hill, you can see a little bit of a view, but there is a tower with several flights of stairs to climb to get the ultimate view. This part was a little tricky for Kolani and I because we’re  both afraid of heights. So keep in mind if heights make you woozy, be warned, do not look down. But once you’re up there, you get a breath taking view of Washington. Trees, mountains, a cool summer breeze and not sound except birds chirping in the distance. It really was quite breathtaking.

After the hike, we drove up the road about two minutes and found Eagle Falls. (Unfortunately I don’t have pictures, but you can check out the vlog for footage). The water is beautiful, but again I would have to recommend getting there early and beating the crowd, it would have been much more enjoyable if it were a little more empty. I dipped my toes in and let me tell you, that is some cold glacier water. But nothing beats a sunny day in washington.