Spring Style

Spring is just around the corner, which means that there’s already new fashion starting to emerge. This time of year is so lovely; the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and don’t even get me started on those glorious long summer days.

It’s easy to get addicted to that kind of lifestyle, always out adventuring, never bothering to check the clock. Another thing I love about Spring time is the fashion. Sundresses, crop tops, rompers and sandals!

Excited yet? Just wait! I’m excited to tell you all that you can shop all the beautiful spring trends with a special discount!

If you head over to poppyapparel.com, use the code chloscall to get 10% off your purchase! Need a little more convincing? (Yeah right). Check out these cute items that are listed on their site now!

 Follow your dreams (2)

SO cute am I right?!

I already ordered a romper and I’m eyeing that crossbody bag

in the middle!

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and don’t forget to use the code chloscall to get 10% off!

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Make Extra Cash with Poshmark!


 Today, I want to talk about how amazing Poshmark is for making some extra cash. Also, before we really get into the post, I just want to reassure you that this post is not sponsored in any way by Poshmark, this is just something I believe could help a lot of people.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an amazing app that allows people to sell old clothes. But don’t roll your eyes at me yet, this isn’t like any other garage sale. There are some AMAZING items listed on Poshmark for incredible prices. From brands like Chanel, Chloe, and Banana Republic; to American Eagle, Nike and even some name brand MAKEUP!

Almost all of these items are in fantastic condition-they could be lightly worn, NWT (new with tags), etc! All the clothes I’ve been selling are items that are either too small for me or hardly worn.

Originally, I was going to donate these clothes just to get rid of them, but I decided to give Poshmark a chance, and I’m sure glad I did. I sold about 3-4 items the first week alone! I was so excited, I had some extra cash flowing in from giving some great clothes to new homes! It’s all such an easy process and the Poshmark community is so kind!

How do I sell?

Go ahead and start digging around your closet to find items you could part with. It is very important to be honest and communicative with potential shoppers. Try to sell only items that are in the best condition; if you were buying something I doubt you would want a top with holes or stains. You can upload up to 8 photos of each item. It’s important to capture all angles in good lighting. Make sure to be detailed about the pieces, and DEFINITELY model them if you can, people love to see how the clothing looks when it’s worn!

Dressing rooms.

Shoppers can like items, or add them to a bundle. Say a shopper likes a few things from your closet; they can add them to a bundle and you (or the shopper) can offer a fair deal. Say they want 20% off for buying three items or you want to give them free shipping. Either way it’s a win win-your closet is clearing out while your bank account is filling up.

I sold an item, now what?

Once you’ve sold an item, it’s very important to ship it out asap. I usually ship mine 1-2 days after the item is sold. Your buyer is obviously excited and would prefer to have their item sooner rather than later; you don’t want them trying to message you wondering where their order is. Obtaining the best service is key, you’re not going to want bad reviews or unaccepted items!


The buyer almost always pays for shipping, unless the seller has made a deal to pay instead. Once you’ve sold an item, you will get an email and a notification from Poshmark congratulating you on the sale, as well as a prepaid printable shipping label. The great thing about this is (honestly one of my favorite parts) is you can just DROP OFF your package at the post office, no need to wait in those pesky lines!

There’s more tips and tricks to learn, but you can read all about it on the app once you’ve signed up! With that being said, if you sign up with my code “IAMFASHIONCOCO”, you’ll get 5$ off your first order! Click here  to shop discounted brands and make some extra cash!

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