My Spring Bucket List for 2018!

Hello, lovely readers!

It’s already April, which means Spring has arrived! Or for some of us, we’re still waiting for the official Spring weather through rain and snow.

Nonetheless, I believe that a Spring bucket list is necessary to help plan a great Spring time. I think we enjoy Spring so much because it’s like a premature Summer.

Even though it’s like Summer, it’s still not fully there yet which can be hard to try to find things to do.

So! I’ve put together a little list to help make your Spring more fun, eventful, and memorable! Let’s get right into it: Continue reading “My Spring Bucket List for 2018!”

Saturday Chat

As always, it’s been a very busy week and soon to be weekend. 

I’ve been creating a bucket list of all the things I want to see in Seattle, and I’m very excited to explore the emerald city. I’ve visited the city many times before, but now that it’s my home there’s many hidden gems that need to be seen. Virtually, I hope to give you the Seattle experience and allow us to explore together. Another plus about my list that I’ve created is that a majority of the activities are free, which is great if you’re exploring on a budget. If they do cost anything, it’s under $20. 

I’ve already visited a couple places, which I will have a photo diary of next week.

Stay tuned! 

Until next time,