August 25th, 2017 was a day that neither Kolani or I knew would hold importance, for this is the day our little Ava was born. Shortly after her birth, we quickly discovered that she was for sale online, hopped in our truck and drove about two hours to meet our future addition to our little family- she was only 5 days old.

Adopting a puppy is exciting yes, but also a whole other experience for those who have had dogs, but not teeny tiny puppies. That was our situation. We’ve bought Ava plenty of things so far, from toys, to other essential pet products. Some items were great, others were a bust. I wanted to offer suggestions for people who might be looking for similar help. All of the products I’ve listed below are products we’ve purchased, liked (Ava approved), and still have.

Disclaimer: All links provided below are affiliate links. Shopping through them supports Ava & I BIG time, and we really appreciate all the encouragement given from every reader, follower, subscriber, etc. It means so much to us!

Left: the Chuckit! shop here:

Right: the Doggy Puzzle shop here:

Left: the Gentle Leader shop here:

Right: the Doggy Seat Belt shop here:

Left: the Exercise Pen shop here:

Right: the Dog Crate shop here:

Left: the Treat Ball Toy shop here:

Right: the Food Dispenser shop here:

Left: the Dog Bowls shop here:

Right: the On the Go Dog Bowls shop here:

the Life Jacket shop here:

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