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Hey, y’all!

I wanted to create another page for my blog where I could leave all kinds of recommendations for you!

I’d like to be able to share with you fashion, beauty, food, or pet suggestions right here! Just quick little blurbs about why I love certain products.

So for the first one, I’m going to tell you about Pamela’s cookies. I feel like every year, people typically have the same resolutions like to get in shape or eat healthier. So as a part of eating healthier, I’m trying to be a lot more picky with what I choose to eat.

It’s easy to say that everyone has a sweet tooth, but why feel the guilt of indulgence? Try Pamela’s chocolate chip cookies! I found them at the local market and fell in love with them. They’re dairy free, gluten free super yummy cookies! I haven’t tried the other flavors yet but I can’t wait to!



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