Photo Diary Day 1: Pikes Place, Wa.


I am going to be doing a few photo diaries to share all the wonderful photos I have taken of Washington and its glorious cities that I have visited this time such as:

Edmonds, Lynwood, Alderwood, Seattle, Forks, La Push, Snoqualmie and Queen Anne.

My first photo diary is of one of my favorite places in the world- Pike’s Place. A typical tourist destination? Maybe. But this famous market is filled with huge diversity, handmade goods, and of course all of the fish, fruits, vegetables, and flowers to overwhelm you.

Enjoy the pictures!


Music Monday


Happy Music Monday!

To kick it off, my first selection is Bruises by Chairlift.

It’s a cute, fun little song that you’ll probably play a couple of times today. I saw chairlift open for Gotye at the Santa Barbara Bowl four years ago, and I loved them. They had and interesting indie vibe that I loved, as I am a huge fan of that dreamy coffee shop music.

You can listen to their song here.



Sunday Etsy Post


Alright Alright Alright!

It’s the first official day following the new blog schedule, how exciting! Welcome to Etsy Day!

Since this is the first Etsy Day, I figured I should probably tell you guys a little bit about my Etsy shop. It’s called Represent Jewelry, and it was launched in June 2015. It primarily started out as a chan luu bracelet shop, but as I got to experimenting and working on new product, I then began to sell bath bombs and soy aromatherapy candles (pictured above). I’m very proud of this shop, I put my whole heart into it to make things with love that every customer can enjoy. Everything in my shop ranges from $7-$20 so it’s super affordable. It would mean the world to me if you guys would head over there and check it out here.

Thanks again for all the love and support, it means the world.

Also, if you have any suggestions on my Etsy shop or things of that nature, please let me know. I would really love to know how to make my shop the best that it can be.


New Blog Schedule


Hello Everyone!

This picture was taken yesterday on the terrace of my sister’s new house in Seattle, how dreamy is it?! Anyways, I wanted to take this time to announce that I will be starting to establish a legitimate blog schedule! Starting tomorrow, this is how the DAILY blogs will be scheduled:

Sunday- Etsy Day

As many of you know, I have an Etsy shop named Represent Jewelry. It sells bath bombs, chan luu bracelets, and soy aromatherapy candles. I want to take advantage of my blog and begin posting any shop updates, new items or anything of that matter to my blog.

Monday- Music

I am constantly looking for the next best song that I will have on repeat for weeks. I’m a huge music lover, and love to share my new finds with anyone and everyone who is willing to put up with my obsession and excitement for new music. Stay tuned for some of my favorite jams.

Tuesday- Books

Can I read one book a week? No. Can some people? Most likely. I’m trying to get into a better routine of reading more books to expand my horizons. I hope to post book recommendations or reviews, and eventually a book club!

Wednesday- Ranting & Raving

This day is going to be the best. I’m a very opinionated person and I love to debate. I’ll have postings similar to my recent post, Airports, so they’ll be comical and not offensive. I’m excited to share my thoughts on certain topics and gather your opinions as well.

Thursday- Photography Throwback

On Thursdays, I will be posting past photos I have taken and not shared with you yet. I will also post a brief description, like where the photo was taken and why I enjoy it so much.

Friday- Spread the Love Hide the Hate Feature

Fridays are going to be the official day where I’ll be sharing my interviews. Every two weeks, there will be a new girl featured as a part of my Spread the Love Hide the Hate movement to make the girl world a happier and friendlier place. You can read my latest interview with Tess right here.

Saturday- Morning Chat

On Saturdays, I’ve decided I would like to post morning “chats” with all of you. A little motivation, a hey how’s it going talk, or anything of the sort.

That’s the new schedule folks! I can’t wait to start! Be sure to let me know how like the schedules and posts, all feed back is much appreciated!




I enter the smallest airport, and once again, at the same airport, I’m randomly selected to get a pat down. Is it because I’m gloriously tan? Can’t help it, no need to get physical.

I’m sitting, waiting for a flight that’s already been delayed twice. I’ve made uncomfortable eye contact with strangers, I’ve already tried tripping the little kid that keeps running around screaming. Everyone is glued to their phones. There’s one older guy that’s actually reading a book-oh no he’s on his phone now. There’s coughing, sneezing, beeping and noises from iPad games. Now there’s a draft and its unpleasantly cold. Kiss by Prince is blasting in my ears and my eyes continue to scan the room, scan faces, to see if anything else is noteworthy.


May 1st, 2016- Tess


Hi! I’m Tess Levin, 20 years old, and I am still a student. I go to University of Southern California (Fight On!) and I am studying Marketing and Psychology.

Why do you think women judge each other so harshly?

That’s honestly a great question. I think that society has wrongly taught us that we need to be better than someone else to succeed in the world. It has taught young women that if someone else is beautiful that they cannot also be beautiful. Our lives as women have turned into a constant competition with one another to make ourselves feel worthy of the word beautiful.

What do you think young women need to hear more often?

I think we need to tell young girls that they matter to the world. That they don’t need to listen to the media. They don’t have to be a size 0, 5’10, and exotic to be beautiful or to make a difference in the world. Each and every one of these young women are perfect and contribute to the world, making it a better place. We as a society need to show young girls that there is much more to themselves than what is on the surface.

What do you think is your best quality?

Hmmm, I’d have to say my best quality is my intolerance. I know everyone just read that with a perplexed look on their faces (lol). But honestly, I don’t tolerate disrespect or impolite actions or words. I think its an amazing quality because it has allowed me to surround myself with the people that only want to build me up rather than tear me down.

What inspired you to become the person that you are?

I would say that everything I have encountered growing up has molded me into the woman I am today. My own experiences as well as those of my friends. I would say I am observant and like to learn from other people’s lives as well as my own.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My greatest accomplishment has been starting my own cupcake business. I started it my Senior year of High School. This is my greatest accomplishment because I was quite young but it was rare to see a young woman have drive to start her own business. Society sees it as a rarity even when older women become successful in the business world. I loved this part of my life journey because I wanted to inspire others to chase their dreams and break gender barriers as well.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Wow I could write a novel about all the advice I would give my younger self. I think the most important piece of advice I would give myself would be to just love myself. It is cripplingly difficult to love yourself in a society that told you that there was always something to improve. But fuck society! Love everything about yourself. Your hair, your toes, your stomach, the way you wheez when you laugh. Literally love every bit and piece of you because you are beautiful inside and out.

How do you find ways to be happy?

I feel like that has really been a struggle in my life. I think a lot of us have dealt with sadness and not really knowing how to get out of that state. For me, it was all about making time for my hobbies. I loved to bake, hang out with friends, read, write, and watch TV (it is almost criminal how much TV I watch). Even if it was just for 30 minutes or an hour I made time in my day to let myself enjoy a simple pleasure.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to say that I am publishing my first novel Fall 2016! It is titled Forever Waits. It is a young-adult romance novel and I would love for everyone to keep an eye out for it! You can follow my journey on my Instagram @tess_levin and WordPress: and I would love to speak to every single one of you about anything on your mind.


Also a big big thank you to Chloe. You are inspiring and I love that you are here to empower women and make a change. You will truly make a difference and I can’t wait to see what your future holds! Thank you for interviewing me and letting me be apart of this!

2016 Goals

I can’t believe it’s 2016 already, but I love this time of year. It’s such a great time to get inspired. For this year, I still want to encourage kindness with women. I want us to stop spreading hatred and cruelty among one another. It’s so sad to see this unnecessary rudeness.
One of my new mottos is “Hide the hate, Spread the love”.
I figure that you should try to conceal any negative emotions you may have, especially if they will negatively affect someone else. There already is enough hatred in this world so why not try to spread more love and make this world livable?
We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people. It’s not healthy and it won’t get us anywhere. It can be hard to not be envious or jealous, but don’t be. Women aren’t born to hate each other, or put each other down, they are taught it. I am going to make this year and every year more positive by doing what is best for me. Recently, I have reached out to women I admire. I continue to send out compliments, no matter how big or small they are, they are always appreciated. Just remember how it feels when someone says the like your outfit, your makeup, or your nail polish color. The littlest of words can change someone’s entire day. It’s all about attitude. Instead of being envious, let women inspire you. Whether it be studying abroad, traveling, being confident, whatever the reason! And let your idols be realistic. Become inspired by women locally, not what you see splattered on the magazines or Internet. Be realistic and surround yourselves with friends who are going through the same things your going through.
At the end of it all, people won’t remember if you were valedictorian. They won’t remember who you dated or how popular you were. They’ll remember what kind of person you were. Spread the love, be kind to one another, and be happy with your life. You are responsible for everything in your life. If you aren’t happy, you can change it. Life is too short to live unhappily. You have the power to do anything you wish to make you happy. Aim for the stars. You can get that degree, get that promotion, run that extra mile. It’s all up to you. This is your year girl, own it!

Happy 2016 to all you lovely people, I look forward to writing more soon.


People are nasty. Not all of them, don’t get me wrong. But others-wow. They’re rude, senseless, nosy and try to bring you down. I’m a pretty sensitive person so it’s hard not to let hurtful words get to me.

What you have to realize is, half of this cruelty is happening indirectly, via Internet or word of mouth. With this generation that is drowning in technology, many people lack courage and bravery. There is no way they could say half of this nastiness to your face. Because if I hear something, I’ll confront the person and almost one hundred percent of the time, they get embarrassed. People don’t want to own up to that behavior because they know it’s wrong. All in all, you must remember to be the bigger person, even when it seems impossible. Always, always, always be classy. It is way more rewarding to live a life where no one can speak ill of you, let alone find dirt on you.

Yes, I’m looking at you, Kate Middleton. You flawless lady you.

Until next time,