About Me


I’m Chloe, and this is my blog.

I grew up on the central coast of California, and now reside in beautiful Washington State. I’ve become addicted to the PNW. The crisp mountain air, the gorgeous never ending forests, and of course my little family. I’ve been with my boyfriend Kolani for three years now, and we’ve had our little auggie Ava for two and half years.


(my little family, just for reference)

In late 2017, I completed school through Parsons Teen Vogue and received a certificate in Fashion Merchandising. Just this summer, I took an interest in coding and received a certificate of completion in Python.

As of right now, Kolani and I are both working full time to save up for our future; he’s a store manager and I’m a visual merchandiser. Kolani is also considering going back to school soon to get his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.

I like to share lots of lifestyle content on here-from redecorating to book reviews, and everything in between.

I’ve also shared a ton of visual merchandising content on my youtube channel, and will start sharing merchandising content on here very soon!

Whenever we’re not too busy adulting, we’re traveling as much as we can, wherever we can. Whether it’s in our own backyard, a long road trip, or flying internationally, we make it happen.

I started blogging and vlogging on YouTube in 2015 and fell in love with it. I adore being a content creator, sharing little blurbs and videos with the world.


I just wanted to say welcome and nice to meet you! Have a look around, take your shoes off and stay a while.

Until my next post,