My Fave Bloggers!


For most aspiring bloggers, it’s easy to agree that we were all inspired by one influencer or another. I don’t think we really wake up one day, declaring that blogging will be our profession. I think that we’re lured there by the beauty of the lives that our favorite bloggers live.

So, for today’s blog post, I’m sharing with you my four favorite bloggers ever. I’ve followed all four of these amazing women consistently, and what I like most about them is the fact that they each have their own style and flair.

Fleur de Force


*sigh* The first, the MVP, my number one. I can’t quite remember how I discovered Fleur or what brought me to her, but one day on YouTube I stumbled across one of her videos and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been following her for roughly about 4-5 years now. I love her style, because I think it’s similar to mine- it’s modest and chic. But what I love most about her (besides her adorable family) is how down to Earth she is. She’s so sincere and kind. If I ever find myself in London, I would gladly meet up with her over a nice lunch.

You can check out her site here:

Cambria Joy


Cambria is just about as pure as they come. I actually went to school with her briefly when I lived back in California. She’s a Christian Blogger & YouTuber dedicated to creating fun workouts and deliciously healthy recipes. After overcoming an eating disorder and struggling with self image, Cambria’s journey is truly inspiring for girls everywhere.

You can check out her site here:

Noelle Downing


I discovered Noelle on Instagram last Fall and have been obsessed with her content ever since. Her Instagram really is beautiful- her style and the color schemes are great. Besides, she lives in New York, how exciting is that?! Noelle is a great role model as well, with amazing curves, she encourages all of her followers to be body positive.

You can check out her site here:

Rachel Martino


Another blogger living in the big apple, Rachel Martino has mastered the art of uniting French and American style. After majoring in the French Language, Martino began posting beauty videos on YouTube in both French and English, resulting in a large following not only in the U.S. but in France as well. Since you know how much I adore France and Paris and the French culture, it’s almost a given that I would follow Rachel.

You can check out her site here:

That’s it for my favorite bloggers!

Of course, I am following a number of different bloggers, but these four ladies have a unique way about them that sets them apart from the rest.

I genuinely look forward to their posts.

This has been a chloscall.

See you next Sunday!


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