Etsy Sunday

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Happy Etsy Sunday!

I finally purchased a bracelet stand for all my lovely little creations and to be completely honest it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made.

I love that I can finally display all my bracelets like this, don’t they look beautiful?

I found a new craft store up here in Washington so I’ve been making trips over there to explore when I can. There’s one thing I really love about craft stores which is also the exact same reason why people don’t like craft stores. Recently when I’ve been going into said craft stores, I notice that they already have designated Halloween and Christmas sections.

A lot people will argue that it’s way too soon, but it’s not. And you want to know why? Because these big corporate craft stores sole purpose is to provide the materials needed for people who run businesses whether it be Etsy or something else. We start crafting and creating early for the upcoming holidays and seasons because that’s how it’s done in all arts; movies, tv, fashion, etc. These big wigs are working on products much further in advance then people realize.

And you know what else? It gets me so excited! I start designing and crafting product for the upcoming seasons. Obviously with that being said, I am already working on product for the fall/winter season.

If you have an requests or suggestion for my shop feel  free to let me know!

You can check out my shop on Etsy here.

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