Etsy Sunday 

Hooray for our creative day! 

I’ve been making so many bracelets for Memorial Day weekend, it’s been awesome! Air Force, Marines, Army, you name it. I wanted to make bracelets that are beautiful little masterpieces that show support for any special soldier in your life. 

Like I said in an earlier blog post, I’m in the progress of moving so I was having a garage sale to make some extra cash for the move. I had my bracelets on display, in hopes of selling some. A family saw them and were so impressed! They placed an order for their entire family to have matching bracelets, including one for their one year old daughter! I have been toying with the idea of selling my bracelets in person, and I think I might have to start because I love interacting with my customers so they can see the face behind the bracelet. 

I’m also really excited for my etsy shop because I’m moving to a bigger city, I think there’s going to be much better opportunity.

Can’t wait to share more news about my move with you all! 



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