People are nasty. Not all of them, don’t get me wrong. But others-wow. They’re rude, senseless, nosy and try to bring you down. I’m a pretty sensitive person so it’s hard not to let hurtful words get to me.

What you have to realize is, half of this cruelty is happening indirectly, via Internet or word of mouth. With this generation that is drowning in technology, many people lack courage and bravery. There is no way they could say half of this nastiness to your face. Because if I hear something, I’ll confront the person and almost one hundred percent of the time, they get embarrassed. People don’t want to own up to that behavior because they know it’s wrong. All in all, you must remember to be the bigger person, even when it seems impossible. Always, always, always be classy. It is way more rewarding to live a life where no one can speak ill of you, let alone find dirt on you.

Yes, I’m looking at you, Kate Middleton. You flawless lady you.

Until next time,



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